What Is Email Validation Used For?

Email validation - What is it and why do you need to do it? Most people don’t know what the validation of email addresses is or how it can help benefit them and their business. Considering that terms can mean something to one person and different than another, it is time to explain what is email validation right?

Email validation is what you are doing or have the potential to do on our website and attempt to enter an email address in our testing tool and see if the email address exists or not. Validating an email address has multiple phases and processes, and can be taken to different levels depending on how deep you want to you validate an email address.

If you only have a few custom domain emails to validate, then our free testing service is sufficient. If you have have dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of email addresses to run through a validation tool then you should use a bulk email tool like BulkEmailVerifier.com which makes validating in bulk easier, quicker, and cost effective.

To validate an email address means to check to see if it exists, is it real? Yes or No.

Other validation terms refer to email address confirmation during a signup process for online services or your ISP. Expressions used in emails like the @ (at symbol, ampere) directs the specific user profile to becoming active or not from the sending service.

Roughly 40% of email addresses globally change every year! This means the email address has become disposable and is frequently updated by your customers and prospective leads. This makes email validation extremely important to keep your business relevant to real people. Remove bad email addresses and start define email validation as your next smart step!