Using Email Validation To Clean Lists

Do you use email validation to clean your lists? You should. Studies show that cleaning your email lists with accurate validation tools will reduce your bounce rates and bring your business in good standing with email service providers and marketing platforms. So why aren’t you doing it??

Your email list and marketing campaigns are crucial to the success or failure of your business. If the emails on your lists are not validated and accurate, then how do you know that you are sending out to real people?

You need to be doing routine email list cleaning each month and validating them often to reduce bounce rates and remove invalid subscribers that not longer exists. Why spend time marketing to it if you have not validated the emails thoroughly.

Email lists are the core of your sales if you use email marketing. The money is in the list as they say, and as those emails contain warm prospects that are typically interested in what you have to offer when they come from newsletters or other subscriber grabbing portals. The ROI of email marketing is still way above that of social media marketing or media buys.

Our automated email list cleaning service will remove bad email addresses by getting your own email validation package instead of individually and the time that takes to process long lists. Our online cloud powered service will not ban your IP address or waste your time when you could be focusing on other important issues that your business demands.

Should you have a larger list it would save you time to upload your files in spreadsheet format for cleaning and then experience our easy to use email list cleaning platform on which will do all of the work for you that locally installed software can not live up to.

Validating your email lists does not have to be the challenge your mind or wallet is telling you it will be. No, the process is easy and rewards your business goals with ROI many times over.